Timpani for Sale

Following the acquisition of a new set of Timpani, I’m selling my old timpani as follows. If you are interestested, please email me here.

32″ Adams Universal Hand Hammered Copper Timpani

This would make great addition for someone who has a 26″ and 29″ timpani, great for bigger pieces as your repetoire grows. Matches well with a pair either copper or fibreglass timpani.

In excellent condition, this drum comes with

  1. A hard head protector
  2. A mushroom cover
  3. A brand new head (skin) that has only done one concert.

Price £1250 or nearest sensible offer




















26″ and 29″ Ludwig Fibre Glass Timpani

These are an excellent starter set of Timpani. They sound fantastic – similar to the Adams Classic Universal Timpani – I used these to supplement my Adams timps when I needed extra drums, but these would also make an excellent first pair of cheap timpani. Whist they are NOT pedal tuned timps, they are an interesting and effective alternative. The timpani is tuned using a single key, which means the note can be changed very quickly with one hand. So they are fine for all normal repetoire.

They come with head covers to protect the heads.

I also have a spare brand new Adams Renaissance head for the 26″ drum I will include

Price £1000 for the pair or nearest sensible offer.

Tuning Key

















Timpani Stool

I have a spare Timpani Stool for Sale £100


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