My Microsoft Teams Top Tip – Presenting in meeting.

I’m currently rolling out MS Teams as part of a transformation programme, and am personally delivering training across the organisation.

Why? I hear you ask….. Well for two reasons

  1. Its like back to the floor for me, allowing me to spend time with a wide range of people; its amazing what I’ve been learning and what I’ve been able to sort out
  2. I’m passionate about the power of collaboration software and want to make sure everyone gets the benefits

What I’ve learnt is that a well motivated and train core set of users creates a viral wave that drives adoption. And once a critical mass of people are on the tool, usage grows – I’m seeing 30+% growth in usage EACH WEEK at present in our organisation as I run my training.

Another key plank of my approach is to create communities to generate ideas and finding out new ways of doing things. This is where I would like your help, please tell me what your top features and tips are for the suite of Microsoft products that sit in Teams. What are your killer apps you could not do without? What makes your day more productive. Please post a comment below.

In return, here is my top Tip. Do you struggle doing a presentation in a meeting when you go into slideshow mode? Does your slide show fill the screen and you can no longer see the meeting. There is a fix for this.

  1. Open your presentation
  2. Select the Slide Show Menu Tab
  3. Select the Setup Slideshow Button
  4. In here are three buttons, Change your show from the default Full Screen option to the middle Browsed by an individual (window) option.
  5. Then press the From beginning button to start your slide show and it opens in a window and is ready for you to share in your meeting with all your wonderful tricks and animations.

I hope that was useful, please let me know what you think about Teams.


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