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Christmas Reflections

My year started at Co-op bank with a re-organisation and being told my job no longer existed. I left, and after some time reflecting and thinking what next,  I started job hunting, updating LinkedIn and launching this blog and website. To cut a long story short I got added to a short list for an … Continue reading

Life at the Open Univeristy

It’s been a while since my last blog, I’ve been a bit busy getting to grips with my new role running IT Service and Operations at the Open University. The OU is an interesting place to work. Being recognised as a market leader worldwide in distance learning is great, however continuous change and improvement is required to maintain that … Continue reading

Tips on securing a role

Having now got a new role, a blog on my thoughts about finding a new role and the best hints and tips I was given that worked. The best early advice was take some time out after leaving and think about my future. That was really important. Don’t panic and start applying for jobs till … Continue reading

Moving to pastures new

Moving to pastures new

Great news – I’ve got a new role. From the start of June – I will be heading up Service Delivery at the Open University based in Milton Keynes.  Once before in my career (when I saw an advert for the Britannia role in the Sunday Times), I have seen a job and thought “That’s … Continue reading

Has anything changed in the last week?

Following last weeks blog, its interesting to reflect on what has changed/happened in the last week. The NHS problems highlight where too much focus on targets, and not the overall patient experience, can lead. Barclays seem to have taken some major steps towards improving their culture. I remember once going to A&E in Macclesfield after work with … Continue reading