Tips on securing a role

Having now got a new role, a blog on my thoughts about finding a new role and the best hints and tips I was given that worked.

  1. The best early advice was take some time out after leaving and think about my future. That was really important. Don’t panic and start applying for jobs till you know what you want.
  2. Sort concise answers to all the obvious questions – why did you leave? What type of role are you looking for
  3. Networking is key, use LinkedIn, it’s amazing where former work colleagues are. Talk to them about what is going on, who is recruiting.
  4. You are the solution to someone’s problem, a gap in their structure, a problem or skill shortage that needs filling. Use your networking to find out what problems people need solving, that will help you market yourself.
  5. When you are ready then start looking for roles, and be specific. It is tempting to be too general and apply for loads of jobs but if you are not clear and precise, you won’t get through to interview.
  6. Recruitment agents see load of CVs, it’s difficult for them to filter CVs, so work hard at building relationships with a few key ones, so the know who you are and put you forward for roles.
  7. Do your research on people, organisations. Be prepared. Talk to contacts in the company you are targeting and people who have worked with the person recruiting.

I had good days and not so good days, and this last thought helped me “You are good, if you don’t get through to interview/shortlist, it is the recruiter that failed to spot your skills and potential, not a lack of ability on your part”


3 thoughts on “Tips on securing a role

  1. Congratulations on your new role and I agree with your points, to build on them, don’t discount a role because you’re not sure its for you, explore it and if you go through the interview process successfully, identify what you will get from it and if it doesn’t go away listen… I did and am really enjoying mine. It will take time to generate momentum so don’t expect anything to happen straight away, the work you do using Mark’stips will pay dividends in the long run 🙂

  2. Mark – just sound sensible advice that many people read and agree with but just don’t do enough off. Hope the new job is going well. enjoy. Graham

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