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Jac(ot) in a Box – Customer Experience for IT.

A good colleague of mine has come up with a brilliant concept called Conference in a Box. Rather than travel to a hotel, why not have a conference delivered to your desk in a box. Some great content, and freebies and goodies too. This month’s conference is all about delivering a great Customer Experience.  I’m … Continue reading

Doteverything – whats that about?

Yesterday was one of those days that made me proud to work for the Open University. If you missed it last night, our new Chancellor – Martha Lane Fox delivered a fantastic Richard Dimbleby lecture on the power of the internet and what it has done and can do to transform society. I touched on what … Continue reading

What are Real Communications?

I recently had a good chat with a colleague from Project One who are a great change consultancy I have done lots of work with. They have come up with an interesting concept called “Real Change”. This led me to think about what Real Communications might look like. I’ve been writing a weekly blog now … Continue reading

What did the Firefox say….

What did the Firefox say….

Do you wonder about how to get staff reading boring IT announcements? This is the title of the note about our latest Firefox browser update. No, I didn’t get it either; my new IT service comms person had to explain it to me – click on the picture for an explanation – 489 million youtube hits! … Continue reading