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Tips on how to be a good Manager

Its a while since I last posted. At the OU we are doing alot of work on Agile Working and the technology to underpin and support that. At a recent event, the traits of a good manager as seen by Google were presented. They clearly are getting many things right, so I thought I would … Continue reading

Christmas Reflections

My year started at Co-op bank with a re-organisation and being told my job no longer existed. I left, and after some time reflecting and thinking what next,  I started job hunting, updating LinkedIn and launching this blog and website. To cut a long story short I got added to a short list for an … Continue reading

How to raise your family in an “Agile” way!

Actually, this blog is about “What does Agile Development mean in IT Service?” More about families at the end including a useful video for those with young kids. The Open University is using agile methodologies to increase productivity and responsiveness. This has got me thinking about what it means for IT Service. Agile is all … Continue reading

Some new Social Media tips and tools……

I did a blog a while back about social media and which tools I use. After a really productive workshop on social media and comms at the Open University this week, here are some new hints and tips I picked up. If you are just starting out, or experienced with using Social Media in a … Continue reading