First Blog

Well after nearly 12 years working for Coop/Britannia it’s my first week at home. Those that know me from work will be aware that I did a regular weekly blog, and have been asked at my various leaving do’s to continue blogging. Not sure what topics I will cover, but I’m sure there will be many.

Thanks to everyone who came to my leaving do on Thursday last week. It was a great evening, and shows what a great place Coop is. I’ve genuinely enjoyed working there and I wish everyone the best for the future. The coffee machine is already being used regularly, and my son Brendan has also been trained in how to drive it.

All the advice I’ve had is to just take some time thinking about what to do next. So I am doing that. However, not being very good at sitting on my hands, I’ve decided to have a go at creating a website. I’ve finally decided to use WordPress, eventually I’ll have a go at downloading the software, installing it, and uploading it to my own hosting site, but at present I can’t see the point. has all you need, this site has been developed on that. I’ll use the website for my regular blogs/posts. We are also using this to develop the new website for our sailing club, which I’m going to help out on. Thanks Simon and Phil for all your advice and help.

Looking forward, I’m still in transition phase. My Leek leaving do is on Wed lunchtime/evening, followed by another night out in Manchester on Thursday so I’m seeing plenty of work friends and colleagues. Thanks again to all of you for your support and good wishes.


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