#CIOevent Social Media Session – Summary, Takeaways and useful links.

I had the pleasure of presenting on Social Media at the CIO Event this week. With only 30 minutes to cover Branding, Linkedin, Twitter and Blogging, I touched on each topic lightly, so here are the key takeaways and some further useful links to blogs on the subject along with a slide or two from the presentation.

1.There are loads of social media tools and no “right way” to use them – experiment and use them in what ever way works best for you.

A typical day in the office ?!2.Sort your brand before you start  – click on this link for a blog on branding and how to approach it. If you enjoyed the “what I really do at work” video, click on the picture to see it again

twitter logo3.Twitter is  a great personal news feed to keep informed and share info – try viewing through Flipboard. This blog link is an introduction I wrote on getting started.

4.BloggingA great informal communication channel; somewhere between a highly edited newsletter and a face to face conversation. My tips for blogging are

  • Be authentic – be your brand;
  • Aim for a regular slot
  • Keep them short
  • Vary the content, I mix a variety of updates on service or projects, what I learnt from talking to interesting people around the Open University, hints and tip guides and an occasional caption competition!

I also wrote this specific blog “Comms sessions and newsletters – is there a better way of engaging” on the subject of blogs. To make the time reduce the time on one of your other channels – try something different rather than more!

5.A couple of final thoughts from the presentation.


And also – if in doubt, where to post.

where to post

And to finish, a blog link around Social Media – Risk or Opportunity – my thoughts on this topic.

Let me know how you get on – and feel free to contact me via twitter @MarkJacot for more info.


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