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Which Social Media tools work best?

Which Social Media tools work best?

I often get asked “What do you use different social media tools for?”. I think the answer is personal, it depends on what you are trying to do. I wanted to find a way of sharing useful information, and also communicating my direct and extended team. I lead teams of up to 250 staff and was part of the … Continue reading

Personal Branding – Are you worth it?

As promised last week, some thoughts from a really interesting half day run by Penny Sloane.  It was a great session, well worth contacting her if you are interested in this. I’m conscious I’m not a brand expert, the marketing folks reading this will know far more and I’d appreciate any other ideas. Here are the key … Continue reading

Has anything changed in the last week?

Following last weeks blog, its interesting to reflect on what has changed/happened in the last week. The NHS problems highlight where too much focus on targets, and not the overall patient experience, can lead. Barclays seem to have taken some major steps towards improving their culture. I remember once going to A&E in Macclesfield after work with … Continue reading