Margaret Thatcher as a leader

Hearing the discussions after the death of Margaret Thatcher today, everyone had views on her policies that range from passionate agreement to an equal hatred for what she did. To learn from her as a leader I try to put aside my views on the rights and wrongs of what she did.

I think she was one of the great leaders of the 20th Century. Strong beliefs, clarity of communication, a clear sense of direction, and the determination to see things through. The country has permanently changed, and some would argue she also caused the Labour Party and Blair to modernise.

OK, I am sure listening skills might have been high on the list of development needs!!! But, is strong leadership better than our current crop of politicians with lots of talk and much less action? In all the discussion over the next few weeks we can learn a lot from what she did if we can put aside our agreement or disagreement with her policies.


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