Great Customer Service – Metrics or something else?

Two examples of excellent customer service this week has prompted me to ask “What makes service great?“. What can we learn in IT from other industries?  Metrics do have a place, if they are relevant and understandable to the customer, but I think they are more for managing your own teams performance and providing an early warning signs. No team became great just by focusing on metrics.

This week I had a parcel delivery. I got an email the day before telling me to within 1 hour when it would arrive. I had options (I was in control and had a choice)  to accept the slot or ask for another day or a different delivery place. Far better than being left a card, with complex instructions for calling, re delivery after a failed delivery and all the wasted time and effort for me and the delivery organisation….. Getting it right first time and avoiding unnecessary cost. Loads to learn for the service tasks we arrange in IT.

My car also had its MOT done at the local Toyota garage. Their service is outstanding, in fact my next car will be a Toyota because of the service I get. They rang me before the MOT was due, arranged a slot, offered a free courtesy car, and also washed and vacuumed the car even though it was only a quick MOT test. But the clever bit was their follow up calls – no focusing on great service, or very good service – they only have one question “Were you completely satisfied”. That certainly flushes out any little issues. It is this level of attention to detail and continuously improving that makes their great service.

I am sure you have your own examples I can learn from, and would love to hear about them.


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